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13,000 Year Old Secret Revealed! Discovering Flemingdon Park's Buried Creek

By Edward Brown

Saturday, May 7

1:00PM - 2:30PM 

Sunday, May 8

1:00PM - 2:30PM 



Language: English 

Area: North York

Theme: Environment, History & Culture

Accessibility: Family-friendly, Pet-friendly, Wheelchair-friendly, There is one hill (not too steep) paved and accessible.


The final leg of the buried creek is inaccessible to all. Please see this video to view it. 


Psst! Want to know a secret hidden in the city for the past 13,000 years?


A nameless watercourse not appearing on any present-day map flows through the neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park without anyone’s knowledge. That is, until now.


The narrow tributary has been under our nose since Glacial Lake Iroquois’s shoreline receded from roughly what is presently the north side of Eglinton Avenue around Don Mills Road.


The creek flows south about 2 kilometres and then empties into the East Branch of the Don River. Sometime in the 1940s, much of the stream was encased in concrete and buried. What remained of the creek was buried by 1961 with the construction of the planned community of Flemingdon Park.


Evidence of the creek’s existence is seen (and heard) in ravine parkland bisecting the neighbourhood today. A little detective work and study of the landscape reveals the course the stream continues to follow. Learn a little about the fascinating history of this thriving neighbourhood, too!

  • Walk Start Location: Front of Dennis R. Trimbrell Resource & Community Centre, 29 St. Dennis Drive. Look for the blue flag

  • Nearest Public Transit: 34C, 100A

  • Walk End Location: Beside Flemingdon Health Centre, 10 Gateway Blvd.

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