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$17 a flush: the Prince Edward Lavatory, Riverdale Park, to the Don Jail and back

By Richard Longley, Former President, Architectural Conservancy Ontario



In 1987 the Prince Edward lavatory had so few users it was costing $17 a flush, so it had to close.


Behind it, the magnificent mid-century modern City Adult Learning Centre, with a walk over the DVP on-ramp into Riverdale Park. In 1958, the river stank so badly, it had to be perfumed for the royal visit of Princess Margaret – steps from the Winchester Street bridge over which, in 1859, MPP John Sheridan Hogan was thrown to his death by the Brook's Bush Gang.


Looming over that now tranquil scene, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, the Don Jail, two gems in a stew of Toronto history diverse, hidden, bizarre.

  • Walk Start Location: Broadview station, east side of Broadview Avenue, north of Danforth Avenue. Walk Leader will be male, white hair, holding megaphone, dressed for weather of the day

  • Nearest Public Transit: Broadview subway Line 2, buses 8, 62, 87, 100, streetcars 504B, 505

  • Walk End Location: Broadview station or the Edmund Burke pub (south side Danforth, east of Broadview)

Saturday, May 7

10:00AM - 12:00PM 


Language: English 

Area: Broadview/Danforth

Theme: Environment, History & Culture

Accessibility: Uneven Terrain, Family-friendly, Speaker or Amplification, Fun for Kids, Mud or Poor Drainage.


25 person maximum. Click here to register.

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