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50 years of food & activism with Karma Food Co-op

By Andrea Dawber, President, Karma Food Co-op, and Paul DeCampo, Vice-President.

Karma COOP.jpg



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy, Food and Entertainment

Accessibility: Family-friendly, Wheelchair-friendly, Bicycles Welcome, Busy Sidewalks, Breaks Offered


30 person limit. Click on times above to register.


The walk will start in Karma Lane, outside Karma Food Co-op, with a history of Karma and its founders, who include Jane Jacobs.


A walk through the co-op will highlight its ongoing activism with regards to local food, sustainability, and civic engagement. The tour will include a new laneway house and its green building features, as well as upcoming local events that are rooted in the area's history of community action.

  • Walk Start Location: In the parking lot of Karma Food Co-op, in Karma Lane. Street address for Karma Co-op is 739 Palmerston Avenue, and the store is located in Karma Lane. I will be at the picnic table across from the entrance to Karma Food Co-op

  • Nearest Public Transit: Bathurst Subway Station

  • Walk End Location: At Karma Food Co-op, 739 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto M6G 2R3

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