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A Conversation about Sensors in Public Space

By Marion Davies and Hamish Goodwin. Technology Services Division, City of Toronto.

Sensor 3 - Marion Davies.jpg

Saturday, May 6

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Environment and Sustainability, Transit and Accessibility, Technology and Data, Internet of Things, Smart Cities.

Accessibility: Uneven terrain, Busy sidewalks, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk, Walk leader will use audio amplification.


Throughout our city, we encounter a number of sensors that are installed and embedded in public spaces. Sometimes we know about them, but oftentimes we pass sensors without notice.


Private and public entities, including the City of Toronto, use sensors for various purposes, such as road safety (e.g., red light cameras and pedestrian crosswalk buttons), building security (e.g., CCTV cameras) and asset management (e.g., water meters).


As the use of sensors in the public realm increases, it is important to think about technology and the public good. Join City of Toronto staff on a walk through the Entertainment District to identify and discuss a number of sensors including tools that monitor air quality, traffic flow and safety, and building and public space security. On this walking tour, we will talk about data collection, digital rights, privacy, the “internet of things”, digital transformation, and consent. We encourage you to bring your questions and ideas about the use of sensors operated by the City of Toronto, and hope that you will leave the walk with a deeper understanding of the use of technology in our city.

  • Walk Start Location: Entertainment District. The north-west corner of King St and University Ave. Meet outside 200 King Street West.
    Walk leaders will have a bright sign.

  • Walk End Location: Same as start. Walk will end at the north-west corner of King St and University Ave.

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