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Bain Co-op: it takes a village

By Twyla Kowalenko, Sophie Barbier (Bain Residents)


Saturday, May 7

2:00PM - 3:30PM 


Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: History & Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Accessibility: Family-friendly, Pet-friendly, Bicycles Welcome


Masks optional. All participants are invited to request the choices and distance needed by others in the group.


What happens when we live cooperatively? Come find out what it looks like in action through a past and present exploration of The Bain Cooperative.


Built in 1913 to provide affordable housing with a sense of community in mind, The Bain became a cooperative in 1977. This short walk will cover a city block, exploring the history, stories, spaces, and people that make this community unique.

  • Walk Start Location: At the north-west corner of Bain and Logan avenues. Walk Leader will be front of the Riverdale courts historical plaque

  • Nearest Public Transit: Chester station, 505/504 streetcars on Broadview, 505 streetcar on Gerrard, 72 bus on Pape

  • Walk End Location: Within a block of the starting location

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