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Bloorcourt Makers

By Meg Marshall, Bloorcourt BIA

JW - Bloorcourt 2023 - Makers - Bloorcourt BIA (1).png

Saturday, May 6

11:00AM - 12:30PM 


Language: English

Area: Bloorcourt

Theme: Arts and Culture, History and Community

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops, Family-friendly walk, Walk leader will use audio amplification


Bloorcourt is an amazingly unique neighbourhood, known for its food, drink, retail and entertainment scene. But did you also know that there is an incredible creative & maker community here too? Join us on a walking tour as we learn about the different crafts and art that is made here in neighbourhood from jewelery making to garment designs, floral arrangements and high-tech laser cutting. We will get the opportunity to see and meet some of these experts & artists in action!

Enjoy some complimentary snacks from a couple of Bloorcourt Member BIA businesses. Meet some great fellow Torontonians. And get out and walk!

**Note - for the purpose of this event, a maker is defined as someone or a business that makes physical product with their hands or accompanying tools, mostly on site at their store location, but is non-food/drink based.

  • Walk Start Location: Bloor St W and Shaw St, SE Corner Near the Make Good Mural. We will have a wagon with some balloons attached to it.

  • Nearest Public Transit: King Street Station

  • Walk End Location: Near Bloor St W an Bartlett Ave

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