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Brunswick Ave: Learning from the past to adapt for the future

By Nicole Schulman, Head of the Harbord Village Oral History Project



Jane Jacobs argued that by observing how people live in cities we can learn what works best. Our world is changing fast and Toronto faces many challenges, including lack of affordable housing, the erosion of traditional retail, and the urgent need to address the climate crisis. How can we change and adapt in response?


This walk takes us down Brunswick Ave, a street that was initially developed in the 1870's but has evolved and adapted itself in innumerable ways over the past 150 years to meet its residents' and society's changing needs.


What can we learn from the past to best adapt for the future, and how can old neighbourhoods like this best respond to the demands of the present day?

  • Walk Start Location: Southeast corner of Bloor and Brunswick. Walk leader will be standing up high, probably on the big rock

  • Nearest Public Transit: Equidistant between Bathurst and Spadina subway stations

  • Walk End Location: Brunswick and College

Sunday, May 8



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy, Environment, History & Culture

Accessibility: Pet-friendly, Wheelchair-friendly, Busy Sidewalks


Masks not required but participants should respect social distancing.

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