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Buy Your Neighbourhood with
Kensington Market's Community Land Trust

By Chiyi Tam and Kevin Barrett, Executive Director, KMCLT



Last year, against all odds, a group of neighbours in Kensington Market bought a building that was slated to become a ghost hotel and evict every long-term resident in it.


"Ghost hotels," an AirBnB-fueled phenomenon of Toronto's real estate speculation, is just one phenomenon harming the affordability and diversity of local neighbourhoods and communities. This walk will tell the story of gentrification and neighbourhood change in Kensington Market, and how we can take buildings off of the speculative market and put them for community use, together.


The directors of Kensington Market Community Land Trust will lead this walk and invite discussion on how and why community land should be community-owned. We hope to share neighbourhood organizing history, and encourage attendees to imagine what they could achieve in their own neighbourhoods.


Participants should wear comfortable shoes and a stomach for delicious food that is abundant on the street where our walk ends.

  • Walk Start Location: The North West corner of Spadina and St Andrew's. Walk leaders from the KMCLT will be wearing a portable microphone/speaker device and waving a hat.

  • Nearest Public Transit: 510 Spadina Streetcar Stops - Dundas Avenue West or Nassau St

  • Walk End Location: 54 Kensington Avenue a.k.a. the Mona Lisa

Saturday, May 7

1:00pm - 2:00pm 

Sunday, May 8

1:00pm - 2:00pm 


Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy, History & Culture, Diversity & Inclusion

Accessibility: Speaker or Amplification, Loud Noises, Busy Sidewalks


Masks are optional and welcome if you so choose. The walk is entirely outdoors.

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