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Canadian Heroes and Villains: The Lighter and Darker Side of History

By Neil Ross.

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Sunday, May 7

2:00 PM - 3:45 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Advocacy and Politics, Arts and Culture, History and Community.

Accessibility: Uneven terrain, Stairs or other barriers, Fast-paced walk, Family-friendly walk, Walk leader will use audio amplification, Walk content may be triggering.


Join me outside Queen’s Park Station for a journey back through history! Encounter flawed generals, actors, physicians, poets, athletes, politicians – and world events -- as we explore Canada’s story in statue and mural form.


What we have found, since Canada had essentially three founding peoples -- Indigenous, French and British -- heroes of one cultural group are often the villains of the others -- and vice versa.


To paraphrase great Canadian artist Joni Mitchell: we’re looking at history from “both sides now!”


NEIL ROSS: I have been a stand up and sketch comedian, an actor, a playwright, a film and television writer, a novelist, a tour guide and a local historian. I started giving tours in West Toronto Junction where I live. Canadian Heroes and Villains is kind of a dream tour for me as it involves stores I have been telling all of my life. History, however, can sometimes demand a grimmer lens than that of my youth.

  • Walk Start Location: Queen's Park Subway station, north east corner above the station, below the Firefighter's Memorial.
    I will be wearing a fedora (straw or felt depending on the weather) and a back pack with a Tour Guys button on it.

  • Walk End Location: Osgood Hall, north east corner of Queen and University, just east of new City Hall.

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