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Cooksville: Past, Present and Future

By Zoheir, Cooksville Community Hub.

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Join us for a walking tour of Cooksville, covering the rich historical past and vibrant cultural present of the community, as well as the transit and real estate development coming in our future. The walk will interweave the settlement history of Cooksville as well as the history of migration and social services in the area, and will encourage involvement in the growth and modernization of public space through participation in the Cooksville Community Hub.

  • Walk Start Location: Cooksville Go Station South Entrance. Cooksville Community Hub Banner.

  • Walk End Location: The Dam Youth Centre.

Sunday, May 7
:00 PM - 2:30PM


Language: English 

Theme: Advocacy and Politics, Arts and Culture, Architecture and Urban Planning, Transit and Accessibility, History and Community.

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk

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