Bringing the wild to the everyday



Language: English & Visuals

Area: North York

Theme: none

Accessibility: Family-friendly

By Susan Aaron

Walk Description:

City life is not easily base wholly in relationships with nature. This self guided walk is offered to remind us and offer us a momentu to reconsider that, to find those places where nature is given an oppoetunity to be yes, reinvented in its native to this region form. As we walk through these ravines we review what has occurred to them through our urban actions, and what that has cost us as natural life. What cultures were here to live with nature as it thrived together of this regioin and what did we do to lose it, to harm it and us. This ravine walk offers you a brief reflection on revitalizing and indeed reinventing nature - but as this walks shows it only happens when we live for it and of it - as we are nature too. And remember - read this and walk along - if you live near the site - if your don't just read it and reflect - for one day we must be free again to wander in nature. As Covid 19 tells us, so we read - if we take nature out of its home, and will cause harm.

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