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Deep Time Walk

By Hugh Cotton


Sunday, May 7



Language: English 

Area: The Beaches

Theme: Environment and Sustainability

Accessibility: Breaks encouraged, Dog-friendly walk, Walk leader will use audio amplification, Wheelchair possible.


Deep Time Walks follow the story of our planet from a Gaian perspective. We begin with the explosion of a supernova 4700 million years ago and travel 4.7 kms (1 metre for every 1 million years) to today. Along the way, key moments in the planet's story will be explored - including her transformation from inert Earth to living, self-regulating Gaia.

  • Walk Start Location: In the Beaches, at eastern end of beach boardwalk at southern end of Silver Birch Avenue. Walk leader will be holding an inflatable Earth.

  • Walk End Location: 4.7 kms west from start, at other / western end of beach boardwalk on one of headlands in Ashbridges Bay / Woodbine Beach park.

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