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Downtown Palaces of Retail

By Michael Binetti

5160001436_69a2fbf8c8_b - mikescar2.jpeg

Saturday, May 6

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Language: English 

Area: St. Lawrence District

Theme: Arts and Culture, Architecture and Urban Planning

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks


Get dressed up, you're going downtown to shop!

Shopping downtown has always been a special event. Come learn about the grand palaces of retail that transformed the downtown area into the place to be on a Saturday. From the earliest stores in the tiny town of York, to legendary places like EATON'S, SIMPSONS, SAM SAM THE RECORD MAN, and HUDSON'S BAY.

  • Walk Start Location: Market Lane Park - Front Street Entrance, directly across from St Lawrence Market, on Front Street, west of Jarvis Street, next to the TD Bank.

  • Walk End Location: Yonge and College

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