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Dude, Where's My Neighbourhood?

By Edward Brown


When Flemingdon Park appeared on maps in the early 1960s, its boundaries were well-defined. Since then, an unexplained redrawing has occurred.


For example, the neighbouring community of Don Mills claimed a valuable swathe of commercial properties, including the former IBM plant at Don Mills and Eglinton. An enclave of apartments on Wynford Drive has been cleaved to form the pseudo-neighbourhood Wynford-Concord. A Google Map search currently locates the original site of Robert Fleming's Donland Farms - the community's namesake - beyond the neighbourhood's boundaries. What gives?


From a stop on the Underground Railroad to a missed opportunity by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to establish its national headquarters here, the walk reclaims neighbourhood history stolen by the redrawing of maps.

  • Walk Start Location: Don Mills Road & Eglinton Avenue East (northeast corner). Walk Leader will have a Jane's Walk sign.

  • Walk End Location: Don Mills Road & Eglinton Avenue East.

Saturday, May 6

Sunday, May 7
:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Arts and Culture, Architecture and Urban Planning, History and Community.

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk.

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