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Eglinton Crosstown Discourse

By Robert Stewart, School of Cities

Eglinton Crosstown.jpeg

Saturday May 6

12:00pm -2:00 pm


Language: English 

Area: Eglinton Ave, W

Theme: Urban development, social/economic displacement, gentrification.

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks


While urban development projects can bring important benefits to urban environments, these projects can simultaneously cause significant social and economic disruptions, and even displacements. The Eglington Crosstown LRT project has created a similar juxtaposition. The LRT is expected to increase densification along the Eglinton Ave corridor, bringing increased social and business activity. However, development and construction has also created disruptions to social and business activities.

In this Jane’s Walk, we will travel along a portion of the LRT corridor and engage in social discourse with business owners to get their perspectives on both sides of this project, that is: (i) how has the project disrupted businesses in the area, and (ii) what benefits will the LRT (once operational) bring to businesses in the area?


Along the walk we will observe how the LRT project has contributed to shaping
the area: streetscaping, addition of bicycle lanes, and condominium projects that will increase residency in the area. This has not come without costs, however, as we will also observe businesses that have been shuttered.

  • Walk Start Location: Aroma Espresso Bar (at the Yonge-Eglinton Centre). I will be wearing a blue t-shirt with Jane's Walk spray-painted on the front and back.

  • Walk End Location: Eglinton West subway station

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