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Books, podcasts, crafts, and more to get in the Jane's Walk spirit!

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Cherish and Imagine Scarborough:
A Bingo Game!

Public Art can be defined in many ways. In Scarborough, this is often the stories of spaces and places, and the stories we tell about them. Show some love for Scarborough and try out this Bingo game to cherish and imagine what stories Scarborough might hold! By Howard Tam.


Any Night of the Week:
A Walking History of Toronto Music

Part civic history and part memoir from Wavelength co-founder Jonny Dovercourt, Any Night of the Week is a podcast series that takes the form of a “virtual walking tour” of the city’s musical neighbourhoods.


Now in its second season, pop on your earbuds and go for a walk with new episodes covering Scarborough, the East End, and Dundas West

Take Jane on a Walk​!
This sweet colouring page was created by Sarah Marsom as part of her Tiny Activist project.

With only 8% of designated historic sites representing the history of minority populations (women, people of color, LGBTQIA), the Tiny Activist Project seeks to highlight lesser known stories of people who fought to save cultural resources. 


Through hand sewn dolls and workshops, the Tiny Activist Project works to connect urbanism, heritage, and community activism to diverse age groups. Every item sold contributes to a specific preservation cause. 

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