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Finding Old Graydon Hall

By Bob Georgiou

1965 Graydon Hall East - Bob Georgiou.png


In 1938, Henry Rupert Bain built Graydon Hall, a country-style manor in the hills of Don Mills. The 150-acre estate was the definition of extravagance – it was a decadent escape in what was then Toronto’s countryside. But in less than 30 years, the property was dismantled, its footprint erased by apartment towers and office buildings. Or was it?


This walk will look through the geographic past and present of the Graydon Hall. We’ll look for clues about the estate that once was and look at what is. We will be trekking largely through parkland and uneven and potentially muddy terrain, so proper footwear is recommended.


For a primer on the walk, check out the following links:

- Walk Route:

- Lesmill Office Park history:

- Graydon Hall history:


The walk will run between 1.5 to 2 hours. It will be led by Bob Georgiou - local historian, creator of Scenes From Toronto, and Graydon Hall resident. Find him online @BobGeorgiouTO and for his writings.

  • Walk Start Location: George S. Henry Academy, 200 Graydon Hall Drive. I am tall and will be holding materials for the walk. We will meet under the flag post.

  • Walk End Location: Betty Sutherland Trail, Duncan Mill Road near Don Mills Road.

Sunday, May 7

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Language: English 

Theme: History and Community.

Accessibility: Uneven terrain, Low-lighting, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk

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