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Gimme a place to sit and people watch!

By James Burton, Co-owner, Percy Ellis


Friday, May 6



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Community and Togetherness

Accessibility: Family-friendly, Pet-friendly, Wheelchair-friendly, Bicycles Welcome, Busy Sidewalks, Breaks Offered, This walk is designed for everyone, and we’ll accommodate any special needs to the maximum of our capabilities.


This walk is about effecting change and changing our understanding of how each one of us can improve our neighbourhood with small, economical improvements that ANYONE can make. By the end of it, we’ll have ideas, created together, on how to improve at least one under-utilized public space. And this will make a difference in the life of at least one person everyday, and this is enough.

We will go to places that we walk, cycle and drive by everyday in Leslieville and invite insights from the participants/walkers on what draws and repels them from each location, and what small things could be done at each location to improve its ability to attract and keep people, even if only for a few minutes of loitering or inquiry.

Bring an open mind and your curiosity. You could bring a small potted plant to leave somewhere along the way if you’d like (optional).


  • Walk Start Location: Meet at “Brick Obelisk” at the intersection of Dundas St E/Carlaw Ave. Look for the guy in the yellow toque!

  • Nearest Public Transit: Bus at Dundas/Carlaw or streetcars at Gerrard/Carlaw or Queen/Carlaw

  • Walk End Location: 494 Eastern Ave (washrooms, seating, and refreshments offered at this location)

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