Growing wild in your 'hood'

By Susan Aaron

University of Toronto

Walk Description:

Regrow my 'hood' through a ravine - nature's base expanding into life. How often do you go into our ravines and consider them to be hidden enclaves of nature, - why don't you enter them as the base for connecting all life in your lived area as natural? Why , perhaps because they are hidden, kept away - but this walk will ask you to grow that nature, beyond its slopes, beyond its buried brooks. Start right there where nature is trying to continue with its originating watersheds, cultures, and add ons and their cultures - and imagine how to connect its struggling but often aided nature and let that momentum guide all the actions of your life - that is right - all of the actions. This walk will open up your reular, or not often ravine walks so that you build nature there and everywhere. And if you are shut in - well you will still get the picture from where you live.



Language: English & Visuals

Area: Downtown

Theme: Environment; History & Culture; Diversity & Inclusion; Health & Wellness;  Indigenous Communities

Accessibility: Family-friendly; Fun for Kids; Triggering Content 

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