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Hidden Gems: Art at Exhibition Place

By Steve Collie

Fish Sculptures, Food Building.jpg

Saturday, May 7



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Arts & Architecture, History & Culture

Accessibility: Family Friendly, Speaker or Amplification, Pet-friendly, Bicycles Welcome, The route will be mostly sidewalk, but there are some narrower paths and paving stone.


Bring your dog!


This guided walking tour of the Exhibition Place grounds will take you and your furry friends on a journey to discover the "hidden" works of public art that often go unnoticed while events are on.


Fish at the Food Building? Hockey at a soccer stadium?


From the 1920s to the present, from sculptures to mosaics, join us and discover the history and art on this unique site!

  • Walk Start Location: Princes' Gates (11 Princes' Blvd)We will be under the main arch of the Gates

  • Nearest Public Transit: 509 and 511 Streetcars (stop at Strachan Ave)

  • Walk End Location: Bandshell (60 Prince Edward Island Crescent)

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