I​ N S P I R A T I O N 

Interested in being a Walk Leader! Looking for a spark of “walk inspiration”, no need to look further!

Jane’s Walks are often walking tours, but they can also be bike rides, poetry readings, performance art, games, and more! Whether place-based, issue-based, activity-based, or a combination of the three–we welcome creative themes and formats. Think of a place or idea you’d like to explore in your city. What do you know that you want to share with your community? What do you not know that you want to learn about? What do you care about and wish others cared about, too? What do you love about your city? What would make your city better? Jane’s Walks are dialogues that seek to engage participants in conversation.

See below a number of examples from past years that we have chosen to demonstrate the range of topics and locations that are possible. The sky is the limit! A full list of walks from 2019 are also listed here.


For those that would like a refresher or are new to Jane’s Walk please feel free to attend one of our Walk Leader Training - Walk Shop sessions. 


More details on our Walk Shops for 2020 will be released soon - check back soon. 

Jane's Walk Toronto is committed to exploring different softwares, applications and formats to make our walks and programming as accessible as possible. If you would like to request an accessible accommodation or have an idea or suggestion to improve any of our programming and activities please email us at: torontosupport@janeswalk.net.