I​ N S P I R A T I O N 

Interested in being a Walk Leader! Looking for a spark of “walk inspiration”, no need to look further!

Jane’s Walks are often walking tours, but they can also be bike rides, poetry readings, performance art, games, and more! Whether place-based, issue-based, activity-based, or a combination of the three–we welcome creative themes and formats. Think of a place or idea you’d like to explore in your city. What do you know that you want to share with your community? What do you not know that you want to learn about? What do you care about and wish others cared about, too? What do you love about your city? What would make your city better? Jane’s Walks are dialogues that seek to engage participants in conversation.

See below a number of examples from past years that we have chosen to demonstrate the range of topics and locations that are possible. The sky is the limit! A full list of walks from 2019 are also listed here.

Bike Ride to First Nation’s History – Tabor Hill

Meet at Thomson Memorial Park (1005 Brimley Rd), led by Erhard Kraus. Join an excursion to Tabor Hill, the First Nation’s ancient burial ground and most visible FN legacy in Toronto. The ride starts in the parking lot of Thomson Memorial Park, follows the Meadoway Corridor and some local streets to Tabor Hill.

The Couples Walk

Meet at Christie Pits Park (750 Bloor St West), led by Mathura Mahendren. This walk aims to create a space for couples to think of their long-term romantic relationships as a creative process. What does it look like to engage fully – physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritually – in our love relationships? How might we create space for individual growth, release, and renewal in our togetherness?

A Founders District? Imaginative Geographies

Meet at Queen St. W. & Simcoe St. outside Campbell House, led by Andre Papadimitriou.

I will be examining how improvements to the public realm can shape an identity and increase a sense of place for my local neighborhood. A little history, development insights, and a lot of sharing ideas about what could be possible.

Is our Community Accessible to Everyone?

Meet at 2398 Yonge Street, led by Barrier Free Consumer Advisory Committee members with Vibrant Healthcare Alliance. This is our 8th annual walk focusing on accessibility, health and well-being, safety, identifying barriers, public spaces, green spaces, construction zones and car and foot traffic. Community members who have lived experience with a variety of disabilities will share their stories.

PhotoMojo Walkshop: Secrets To Better Photos, Part 1

Meet at Bay Subway Station, 1240 Bay St., led by Margaux Yiu with mutography.

Have you ever looked at photographs you’ve taken and felt they weren’t very good, but didn’t know how they weren’t good? It’s hard to fix a problem when you don’t know what the problem is, right? Most people think it’s the camera’s fault. But in this walkshop, we’ll talk about 3 ways a photograph fails and what you can do to fix it without buying new gear!

Dog Owner’s Association: How to Start Your Own

Meet at Vermont Square Park (819 Palmerston Avenue), led by Jasmine Frolick.

We are in the process of reinstating the Annex Dog Owner’s Association (DOA) so we’d love to share our experience with other dog owners who might want to start their own DOA or who would want to join ours.

Davenport Love: as seen by a 4 year old

Meet at 95 Regal Road, Regal Road Public School, led by Chi Nguyen. We’ll ask and learn about what kindergarteners love about our ‘hood? Where does the walk end? We’re not sure! It’ll be directed by our walk buddies (and Ellis!).

Queer East: From the Toolbox to Church

Meet at the small parking lot on the North East side of Morse and Eastern (510 Eastern Ave), led by Geraldine Cahill. If you catch yourself staring at the north-west corner of Eastern Ave and Morse St, there is no reason to imagine this was once a gay landmark, just steps away from Toronto’s Hells Angels headquarters. But so it was. The Queer East Jane’s Walk will explore what other hidden histories exist in Leslieville and Riverdale, including unlikely queer hot spots and enduring queer-friendly businesses and community hubs.

Discover West End Hidden Gem! Mural Artwalk

Meet at 4709 Dundas St W., led by the Village of Islington BIA.

Come explore the art and history of Toronto’s Village of Murals. You’ll see 28 amazing building-sized artworks and hear the fascinating stories behind them. Learn how pioneers lived, settlers played, battles were fought and disasters were overcome in this Etobicoke neighbourhood. Fun and popular tour since 2012! Walk ends in Montgomery’s Inn parking lot 4709 Dundas W. or if you decide to wander away during the tour to explore area.


For those that would like a refresher or are new to Jane’s Walk please feel free to attend one of our Walk Leader Training - Walk Shop sessions. 


More details on our Walk Shops for 2020 will be released soon - check back soon. 

Jane's Walk Toronto is committed to exploring different softwares, applications and formats to make our walks and programming as accessible as possible. If you would like to request an accessible accommodation or have an idea or suggestion to improve any of our programming and activities please email us at: torontosupport@janeswalk.net.