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A Walk through Toronto's Old Town

Rebecca Rizzo

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

May 5, 2023




History and Community


As the Museum Coordinator for the Town of York Historical Society & Toronto's First Post Office, I am passionate about the early history of the Old Town area, the buildings that were once prominent in the early Town, their original functions, how they have changed, and the unique stories they tell. As Toronto has become a metropolis, it's hard to imagine where it started, and I am passionate about sharing/showing that information with/to participants.

The content I will be covering will focus on the earliest buildings of the Town of York and will include the history of St. James Cathedral, St. James Park, St. Lawrence Hall, Market Lane, St. Lawrence Market (North & South Buildings), William Lyon Mackenzie's Homestead and Printshop, King Street, the First Bank of Upper Canada, and Toronto's First Post Office. In addition to the overall history and how they served the town, each of the stops will include an interesting event that helped shape the history and Town of York (i.e. Ridout & Jarvis Duel, Cholera Pits, Notorious Town Well & Stocks, Types Riot, Rebellion of 1837, and the unfortunate fate of Toronto's First Post Master).

Uneven terrain, Stairs or other barriers, Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops

Walk Start Location:

St. James Cathedral, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood (corner of Church Street & King Street), 106 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2E9.
I will be located on the front steps of the Cathedral, facing King Street East, with a clipboard.

Walk End Location:

Toronto's First Post Office, 260 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1N1

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