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DavenportRoadInfrastructurePast PresentandFuture

Davenport Road Infrastructure - Past, Present and Future

Kanchan Maharaj, Joshna Maharaj

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

May 6, 2023




Advocacy and Politics, Food and Drink, Architecture and Urban Planning, Transit and Accessibility.


This walk will be on Davenport Road between Bathurst Street and Dufferin Street.
We will start with the infrastructure history of this corridor as an Indigenous route through to current day and the pedestrian and transportation infrastructure along the corridor.
We will discuss accessibility, pedestrian, transit, motor vehicle and cycling aspects including traffic signals, curb cuts, bike lanes, and transportation infrastructure design focusing on things "hidden in plain sight"

The walk will be led by Kanchan Maharaj who is a Senior Engineer with the City's Cycling & Pedestrian Projects unit and Chef Joshna Maharaj who will provide snacks at the end of the walk, with ingredients sourced from an Indigenous garden along the route.

Stairs or other barriers, Breaks encouraged, Busy sidewalks.

Walk Start Location:

Bathurst St and Davenport Road, NW corner near Tollkeepers Cottage.
Wearing Safety Vest.

Walk End Location:

Davenport Road and Dufferin Street.

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