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KoreatownEatingOurWayFrom PastToPresent

Koreatown: Eating Our Way From Past To Present

Ki-Sang Yi, Harriet Kim, choa magazine.

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

May 6, 2023




Arts and Culture, Food and Drink, Environment and Sustainability, History and Community.


In collaboration with Jason Lee, Chairman of the Koreatown BIA, choa magazine will be leading a food-and-history tour of Tkaronto’s Old Koreatown. Through community members’ personal stories and discussions with the walk’s participants, we will be exploring the intersections between the development of Toronto’s diasporic communities, colonization, national and local policies, culture, food and identity.

For us, children of Korean immigrants, Old Koreatown’s spaces, products and communities were central to building and maintaining our cultural identity in Tkaronto (AKA Toronto), away from our parents’ first home. During the walk, we will visit and hear from some of the businesses that provided such spaces, including PAT Central, Hodo Kwaja and Korean Village, for our city's Korean community. As there will be snacks along the way, participants are encouraged to bring an empty stomach and an open mind to the walk!

Stairs or other barriers, Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk.

Walk Start Location:

Tiger installation in front of Christie Station. Walk leaders will have signs with choa’s name and logo, and the name of the walk.

Walk End Location:

TPL Palmerston

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