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Layers of Leaside Historical Walking Tour

By Geoff Kettel, Mitch Bubulj. Leaside 110 Committee.

Friday, May 5

Saturday, May 6

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Language: English

Theme: Architecture and Urban Planning, History and Community.

Accessibility: Uneven terrain, Walk leader will use audio amplification.


The walking tour visits the thriving midtown Toronto neighbourhood of Leaside.


On Jane’s Walk weekend Leaside celebrates the 110th anniversary of its incorporation as a municipality in 1913 Experience its landmarks and streetscapes in the context of the six “layers” of human settlement into which its cultural history may be divided. And arrange your time to visit the special archival exhibition at the Leaside Library either before or after the Walking Tour.

  • Walk Start Location: Leaside Public Library, McRae and Rumsey.
    Leaside touque!

  • Walk End Location: Same place.

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