This page should only be used as a reference for the foreseeable future. We are not accepting walk submission or holding Walk Shops at this point in time. We are currently exploring different format options and encourage those interested in sharing their thoughts to email us:

Anyone can lead a Jane’s Walk.


Walk leaders, share your passion for the city by leading a walk this coming May 1-3! Anyone can lead a Jane’s Walk because everyone is an expert on the places they live, work, and play. Jane Jacobs believed that the people best equipped to understand cities and make decisions about them are "ordinary, interested” people. She intuited that getting to know our neighbourhoods and each other is the foundation of city-building. Jane’s Walk Leaders help people get to know their communities by gathering people outside of their homes, offices, and cars to exchange knowledge, tell stories, and share experiences.


What makes a walk a Jane’s Walk?

Jane’s Walks are often walking tours, but they can also be bike rides, poetry readings, performance art, games, and more! There are three things that make a walk a Jane’s Walk:

  • Free, volunteer-led, and open to everyone
    There can be no registration, fee, or donation associated with leading or participating in a Jane’s Walk.

  • Non-commercial and non-partisan
    They cannot be used to promote a business or a candidate running for office.

  • Seek to promote dialogue
    Jane’s Walks are dialogues that seek to engage participants in a conversation. They are not walking lectures.

How do I Get Started?

You can put together a Jane’s Walk in as little as a couple of days. We have a number of resources below to assist you with the process. For those that are seasoned veterans click on the Submit a Walk button. For those that want to find out more information or are unsure where to start don’t worry we have multiple documents and even Walk Shops available. Check them out on the right!

If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to contact us at



For those that would like a refresher or are new to Jane’s Walk please feel free to attend one of our Walk Leader Training - Walk Shop sessions. 


More details on our Walk Shops for 2020 will be released soon - check back soon. 

Jane's Walk Toronto is committed to exploring different softwares, applications and formats to make our walks and programming as accessible as possible. If you would like to request an accessible accommodation or have an idea or suggestion to improve any of our programming and activities please email us at: