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“Living in Indigenous Sovereignty” Poetry Walk

By Anna Nieminen.

May7WalkCollage - Anna Nieminen.jpg

Saturday, May 6

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Advocacy and Politics, Arts and Culture, Environment and Sustainability, History and Community, Truth, Justice and Reconciliation

Accessibility: Uneven terrain, Dog-friendly walk, Walk content may be triggering, We will be crossing Bonis Ave. from Agincourt Library and walking into Ron Watson Park on both paved paths and grass.


Let’s walk together for a while and begin to imagine ourselves as “characters in the stories of Indigenous Peoples.”​*


Through an introduction to a curated collection of poems that relate in some way to truth, justice and reconciliation, be prepared to feel unsettled as we confront erasure of Indigenous Peoples’ lived experiences and disrupt notions around entitlement to land and domination over land, and likely come away with more questions than answers. But also, be prepared to feel nudged to know more about growing in relation to Indigenous Peoples, lands, and sovereignty.


Why poetry? Because it can connect us to, and help us respond from, a heart-centred space.


Why Scarborough-Agincourt? Why not? Wherever ‘in this place’ is for us, we can begin to reorient ourselves to walking and “living in Indigenous sovereignty”.* *


The theme of the walk is inspired by Anna Nieminen’s reading of the book Living in Indigenous Sovereignty by Elizabeth Carlson-Manathara with Gladys Rowe and other contributors as well as her viewing of the related film project at Stories of Decolonization.

  • Walk Start Location: In front of Agincourt Library, Scarborough-Agincourt, Kennedy Rd & Sheppard Ave E.
    Walk leader will be wearing an orange T-shirt.

  • Walk End Location: On the bridge over West Highland Creek near Kennedy Rd. north of Bonis Ave.

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