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Medical Discovery Walk

By Alison Li, Charles Hayter, Peter Kopplin. Toronto Medical Historical Club.

Friday, May 5

Saturday, May 6

Sunday, May 7

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Architecture and Urban Planning, History and Community

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks, Walk leader will use audio amplification.


We will begin in front of the striking Donnelly Centre where there are two pieces of sculpture. Walking around the building we will view the interesting windows, see the DNA sculpture and reflect on the four discoverers of insulin and how they are remembered. Retreating towards College St the group will pass the Norman Bethune sculpture and the unique architecture of the Pharmacy Building.


Proceeding east along College St. we will pass the new and the old science buildings. We will walk on Emily Stowe Way (Canada's first woman physician) while gazing at the Women's Hospital's Pink Cube. Finishing, we will see a tribute to the discovery of insulin and a sculpture dedicated to the fathers of stem cell research.

  • Walk Start Location: 160 College Street, a few steps west of College and University. Walk leaders will have Jane's Walk sign.

  • Walk End Location: Queen's Park SE subway station.

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