Midtown: The Storied Territory




Language: English 

Area: Waterloo & Kitchener

Theme: Arts & Architecture; History & Culture; Health & Wellness


Click here to download Ashleigh's PDF

Self-guided walk.

By Ashleigh Crofts

Walk Description:

About a year ago I took a walk between Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener in the area known as “Midtown”. I meandered off the main thoroughfare and kept to the straightaway on the return, taking notice of the Invisibles along the way and how the journeys greatly differed. While this area in-between is ambiguous when experienced from the main thoroughfare, the meandering route told a rich story about Midtown.

My findings motivated a series of walks and recordings that informed this self-guided walk map (Download the Walk PDF):


  • Follow a route, detour from one route to another, or create your own route

  • Look to find the vantage point at which an image was taken and observe any variations

  • Contemplate the significance of the images and the qualities that the locals value

  • Take inventory of your own observations; we all see the world through our own lens


The idea is that this map tells a story about Midtown and provokes self-guided exploration. By reframing our surroundings we illuminate the otherwise unnoticed and the in-between, connecting us to the world around us.

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