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People Power at Guild Park - 10 Ways Community Action Saved a City Landmark

By John Mason, President of Friends of Guild Park

Friday, May 6, 6:30 pm-8:00pm
Sunday, May 8, 2:00pm -3:30pm



Language: English 

Area: Scarborough

Theme: Advocacy, Arts & Architecture, Environment

Accessibility: Uneven Terrain, Family-friendly. The walk route covers various park terrain - pavement, sidewalks, grassy areas, gravel paths. turfstone walkways. Route can be adjusted to accommodate participants' mobility requirements and weather conditions (i.e avoid wet areas after rain )


The tour highlights 10 ways community volunteers made a dramatic positive impact at Guild Park in the past decade. 


The tour includes the following features made possible by public advocacy and action (listed below in approximate order along the Jane's Walk route at Guild Park):


1. Reopening/operating the Sculptor's Cabin

2. Installing Heritage Toronto Plaque

3. Advocating for return of outdoor art features , including a sculpture by Sorel Etrog'

4. Adding 3rd floor to the new Clark Centre for the Arts

5. Re-installing park benches to maximize visitor's' scenic views on-site.

6. Adding lighting to walkways

7. Improving the site's historic Greek Theatre 8. Ongoing park stewardship - tree planting, reporting graffiti/damage

9. Organizing public events/activities (like Jane's Walk) to welcome thousands of park visitors

10: Providing ongoing advocacy to Guild Park decision-makers These practical examples of "people power" at Guild Park can inspire Jane's Walk participants to become active and improve their own neighbourhoods.


This tour reflects Jane Jacobs' legacy and advocacy - local residents CAN take action to better their neighbourhoods - sometimes working with officials, other times providing different perspectives based on their own local - and important - expertise.

  • Walk Start Location: Front gate of Guild Park & Gardens, 201 Guildwood Pkwy., Toronto, ON M1E 1P5. Look for the prominent Friends of Guild Park signage (6-ft banner) at the front gate starting point. Tour leader/volunteers will welcome participants.

  • Nearest Public Transit: TTC bus stop for Morningside Bus 116 (from Kennedy Subway station) is steps away from Guild Park front gate steps.

  • Walk End Location: Tour ends by returning to start point at park front gate.

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