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Placemaking: Public Space For Grief

By Calla Lee, Fran Quintero Rawlings, Ziyan Hossain, Method Collective.

Space for Grief poster - Fran Rawlings.png

Sunday, May 7

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Arts and Culture, Architecture and Urban Planning, History and Community.

Accessibility: Walk content may be triggering


This walk takes you through public “Space For Grief”, an interactive and immersive placemaking public art installation that explores community bonding and healing through grief. The walk will be led by 3 of the leading artists that will share their journey and experience bringing this installation to life and why public space for grief is needed.


“Space for Grief” provides the attendees with a contemplative pathway that serves as both a walk, and a safe space for reflection, and an opportunity to explore and sit with feelings of grief. In addition to the visual installation, the walk features an auditory experience that the attendees can access by using their own personal headphones. This complementary auditory dimension, along with the visuals creates an environment that provides the attendees with an opportunity to tap into their emotions and embrace their grief.

  • Walk Start Location: 789 Yonge Street, inside the main entrance of the Toronto Reference Library (Yonge and Bloor). 
    Walk leaders will be wearing Space for Grief shirts.

  • Walk End Location: 789 Yonge Street.

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