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FRIDAY May 1, 2020

Walking in the City with Jane: A Story of Jane Jacobs


Eastern Standard Time

Susan Hughes

This book is a fictionalized story based on the life of one of the world's greatest urban thinkers and activists: Jane Jacobs. It tells the story of Jane's advocacy in fighting highway developments and the enormous impact her ideas continue to have on the field of urban planning today. The book offers itself as an excellent resource for studying civic engagement, urban life, the history of New York and Toronto, and the role of city planning. It is aimed at those ages 6+ and can support character education lessons on perseverance, citizenship and initiative.

Susan Hughes is the author of "Walking in the City with Jane: A Story of Jane Jacobs". This book was illustrated by Valérie Boivin and published by Kids Can Press. 

SATURDAY May 2, 2020

Tiny Activist Project 


Sarah Marsom

Eastern Standard Time

Utilizing the Shannon May designed patterns from Tiny I.M. and Tiny Jane’s outfits in a new way these party hats are the perfect accessory for an architecture/urbanism fan. Whether you are looking to celebrate I.M Pei’s birthday (April 26, 1917), Jane Jacobs’ birthday (May 4, 1916), or you want to have a jubilee for some other reason, these Tiny Activist Project party hats are an easy and fun DIY project for you. Please share your party pictures online using #tinyactivistproject and email with any questions.