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Say Yes to the Duplex: A Conversation About Housing and Density in Toronto

By Christina Ransom, Librarian

Sunday, May 8

5:00PM - 6:00PM 



Language: English 

Area: High Park

Theme: Arts & Architecture

Accessibility: Family-friendly, Bicycles Welcome, Busy Sidewalks.

The walk will take place on sidewalks that are generally not busy, and the terrain is fairly flat. However, note that High Park is not an accessible station - there is an escalator going up, nut no down escalator, and no elevator. The station and surrounding area may also be busier than usual if the cherry blossom trees are in bloom that weekend.


Join me for a conversation about housing and density in Toronto's High Park North neighbourhood.


We will consider how Toronto compares to other Canadian cities when it comes to density and zoning, and we will investigate our assumptions about whether a dense neighbourhood can be a beautiful neighbourhood.

  • Walk Start Location: Bennett Park (10 Gothic Ave.), across the street from High Park subway station (Quebec Ave. entrance) Walk leader will be carrying a flowery backpack and standing next to the park sign

  • Nearest Public Transit: High Park Subway Station

  • Walk End Location: High Park Subway Station

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