These walks are created by submitting a combination of photos, videos, and text of a walking tour. The information collected via the form below will be used to put together a walk guide that will be displayed and promoted through our website. There are a number of resources including a walk stop description template, walk inspiration examples from past years and also other examples of self-guided walks. Please be as clear and concise as possible when filling out the form below so that we can match your walk stops, descriptions, pictures, videos and maps in the correct order. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Please be sure to practise physical distancing with self-solitary walks either alone or with close family members in uncrowded areas.


self-guided walks form

What is the hook for your Jane’s Walk? A catchy title goes a long way to attract the attention of tour-takers. Be creative and have fun!

(Examples: Pickering: Pier Madness; Hustling in the Suburbs)

What is this Jane's Walk about? What questions and issues will you be exploring? (Be brief but descriptive! Sell people on streaming your walk with a nice preview!) Jump-start the conversation by getting people thinking about how they can contribute to your Walking conversation. Consider the following prompts what is some of the history of the area? Will anyone be joining your walk to share their expertise (e.g. a historian, a community advocate, etc.)? What will attendees learn on your walk?

walk theme:

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P L A N    Y O U R    W A L K    R O U T E

Please use an address, if possible, so that we can accurately map your start location. If you are not using an address, be as specific as you can, making note of landmarks and coordinates, eg North East corner or main intersection. 

Please use an address, if possible. 

what can you tell us about the walk topic:

Check the box for any considerations we should include in your walk description. Select all that apply. 

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Please upload a .jpg or .png file that you have the rights to use. It'll work best at 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio). If you don't upload your own photo, we'll choose a photo from our archive to use.

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Please attach a word, excel, pdf or other document that lists clearly the stop number, the stop address and the associated descriptions that goes with each stop marker. 

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If you are able to provide a map with stop numbers that correspond to your walk descriptions please upload that as well. Walk maps are not necessary.

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IIf you have pictures that correspond to your walk stop numbers or add to the narrative that you are telling, please include them here. If you have specific photos that correspond to specific places, please mark them in a way that corresponds to your stop numbers so we can match them up.

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This won’t be made public, but if someone contacts us with questions about your walk, we’ll put them in touch with you via email.

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