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"Stable" Neighbourhood? Myth vs. Reality, how redevelopment can happen in a Victorian neighbourhood

By Nicole Schulman, Head of the Harbord Village Oral History Project


Friday, May 6

10:30AM - 12:30PM 


Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy, Arts & Architecture, History & Culture

Accessibility: Fast Paced, Family-friendly, Pet-friendly, Busy Sidewalks


Masking not required but appropriate social distancing requested


Harbord Village is classified as a stable neighbourhood in the downtown. It was developed in the 19th century and is now home to two Heritage districts in addition to multiple blocks of predominantly Victorian semi-detached houses.


There has been tension in the community between the desire to preserve its character and the increasing pressure for change and intensification. But is this new?


This walk takes a look at some of the ways in which this area has been redeveloped over the years, by individuals, the government, and public institutions. We'll consider what kinds of spaces have been or are going to be redeveloped, the pros and cons, and whether we can apply any of the lessons of the past to the present.

  • Walk Start Location: Parkette at the Northeast corner of Sussex and RobertWalk Leader will be standing atop something

  • Nearest Public Transit: Spadina subway

  • Walk End Location: College and Croft (many food options on College and Kensington Market is a short walk away)

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