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Sunset of the Empire through the lens of Toronto.

By Alex Sein

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Saturday, May 6

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Advocacy and Politics, Arts and Culture, Architecture and Urban Planning, History and Community.

Accessibility: Stairs or other barriers, Busy sidewalks, Walk leader will use audio amplification, Walk content may be triggering.


Come out on Saturday, May 6th, during the first British coronation day of the 21st century, and see how the “jewel of the British Empire” looks like these days as we walk along the streets of Toronto.


This will be the story of colonialism, how it developed and how it built the city of Toronto, and pushed out the indigenous population. We will discuss the future of royalty in Canada and how it still affects us today.


The walk is under 2km in total, takes place closer to the sunset hours and will half a few stairs along the way. I will be using a small portable speaker for sound amplification.


We will meet beside the Toronto sign on Nathan Phillips Square at 5:00pm. This walk will go on in any weather.

  • Walk Start Location: Nathan Phillips Square, beside Toronto sign.
    I have a big beard, will be wearing microphone, speaker and lanyard.

  • Walk End Location: St. Lawrence Market.

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