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Taking the Land to Make A Neighbourhood - A History of Brockton Village

By Eric Sehr

Sunday, May 8
10:00-11:30 AM



We’ll explore 100 years of Brockton’s history, beginning with settler colonialism to about 1885 to follow a story of how the land was taken, shaped, worked, serviced and finally developed into place that today wouldn’t be completely unfamiliar to someone who walked Brockton’s streets in 1900.


If you're curious about life on the edge of 19th century Toronto, interested in learning about the institutions, processes, and people that made one of Toronto's earliest suburbs, this walk is for you.

  • Walk Start Location: We will meet at 646 Dufferin St. , which is directly behind the northwest corner of Dundas Street West and Dufferin Street.  I will be standing in the middle of large empty parking lot

  • Nearest Public Transit: The 505 Dundas Street Car and Dufferin Bus provide service to the intersection

  • Walk End Location: The walk will end in McCormick Park.


Language: English 

Area: West Toronto

Theme: Arts & Architecture, History & Culture

Accessibility: Wheelchair-friendly, Bicycles Welcome, Busy Sidewalks.


I will be stopping in places where there is room to spread out and ask that folks wear a mask.

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