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First Song is the Deepest - Volume 2
A Self Guided Walk + Community Conversation

by Wesley Reibeling and Zahra Ebrahim


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2021 Audio


"Using recollection and song, this walk highlights Torontonians’ unique stories of “meeting” the city, and the soundtrack that accompanied those moments. What is the place that reminds you most of the city? What song evokes that memory? Where in the city do you get the visceral feeling of wonder that you did the first time you experienced it? In this walk, we hope to share some personal souvenirs of our urban lives and supplement our own integral histories and experiences with a musical experience. 


In another year where we are often limited to digital moments and online conversations, this walk brings us to the places that have meant something to us and enable us to share them with each other. More importantly, it reinforces our connection to the city, reminding us that in the brighter days ahead, we will reconnect to these spaces, places, and each other.


Alongside this audio file of several Torontonians’ personal recollections, a Spotify playlist link will be shared where folks taking the walk can listen to the songs that the Walkleaders talk about in their stories. This link will be collaborative so folks listening can add their own music that represents their specific Toronto memories. In addition, we will host a live talkback event on the final night of Jane’s Walk with some of the walk leaders from this walk, and folks tuning in can share their memories, locations and songs with us!" 

This past year, at Jane's Walk Toronto 2021 Festival, Zahra Ebrahim and Wesley Reibeling embarked on a project called The First Song is the Deepest - a delightful audiocast filled with music, storytelling, daydreams, and place-based moments of reflections on diverse lived experiences of Toronto.


This year, these walk leaders are doing it again and invited folks to share stories of memorable places in this city and beyond, and the songs that accompany those moments in time. We welcome you to listen while you take a walk. Put in a pair of headphones and take a stroll around your city and listen to these stories of connection to place and song.


Join us for a community conversation on Sunday at 10 am (When: May 8, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) to share your own connection to place and song and share your own stories in your neighbourhoods, communities or city.


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