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The Girl on the Hat - A Children's Jane's Walk

by HïMY SYeD

Sunday, May 8




Language: English 

Area: Downtown Toronto 

Theme: Children's Storytelling

Accessibility: Family - Friendly, Fun for Kids


"The Girl on the Hat" is a children's story book written by Jane Jacobs for her grandchildren and illustrated by Karen Reczuch. This is a children's Jane's Walk (parents and grandparents can come too!). 

We'll first meet the Storyteller in front of Janes Jacobs' house at 69 Albany Avenue, and learn a little bit about the Author. We will then make the very short walk north into St. Alban's Square Park. Once we reach St. Alban's Square, the story of Peanutina, The Girl on the Hat, will be told bit by bit as we move from mini-stop to mini-stop around this small park.


This half-hour children's Jane's Walk will conclude in the north west corner of St. Alban's Square, where little ones will discover a tiny secret about Toronto!

  • Walk Start Location: 69 Albany Avenue, on the sidewalk in front of Janes Jacob's house, where she lived for 37 years. Search for the storyteller holding "The Girl on the Hat" children's book in his hand!

  • Nearest Public Transit: Bathurst Station

  • Walk End Location: St. Alban's Square Park, Barton Avenue in-between Albany Avenue and Howland Avenue

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