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The Ossington Strip:
Toronto's gastronomic hub

By David H.

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Saturday, May 6

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Language: English 

Theme: Food and Drink

Accessibility: Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops, Family-friendly walk. 


The short stretch of Ossington Avenue between Dundas and Queen Streets has grown to be Toronto's hot spot for restaurants. The surrounding neighbourhood competes with Montreal's Mile End for the title of Canada's gastronomic centre. It's packed with everything from bakeries to classy restaurants to dive bars. It's hard to get a bad meal there.


However, it wasn't always like this. Just 15 years ago, this was a sleepy area. This walk will cover the recent history of this strip as well as notable food establishments. There will be time to grab some food along the way. You can eat, walk, and admire street art in the neighbourhood.


The food commentary is going to be opinionated. Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences. Which restaurants would you recommend and why?


The walk ends around dinner time. It's a perfect opportunity to try any of the restaurants you find interesting along the route. Route map:


  • Walk Start Location: Southwest corner of Ossington Avenue and Dundas Street West.Look for a guy with a black umbrella.

  • Walk End Location: Lakeview Avenue Parkette.

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