Toronto’s first School Streets Pop-up



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy; Getting Around

Accessibility: Family-friendly; Fun for Kids

By Candice Leung

Project Coordinator

Click below to download Candice's PDF

Self-guided walk.

Walk Description:

In late October 2019, 8 80 Cities and community partners led Toronto’s first School Streets pop-up. The project was called 8 80 Streets Mountview and it aimed to prioritize safe walking conditions for children, parents, and caregivers of Keele Street Public School with programing rather than reconstructing the street’s design. While School Streets have been popularized in other parts of the world, the simple idea of creating temporary car-free zones during peak pickup and drop-off times of the school day had not yet been applied in Toronto. In this self-guided walk, we challenge you to think through the eyes of an 8 year old walking to school. The walk guide details the various elements of the School Streets pop-up and the approach taken to create an environment that encourages safe active school travel.

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