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Transit Driving Change: Discover How Leaside is Changing

By Geoff Kettel, Holly Reid


Friday, May 6


Language: English 

Area: North York

Theme: Advocacy, History & Culture, Transit or Accessibility.

Accessibility: Speaker or Amplification, Wheelchair-friendly, 



The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit Line is coming soon and Leaside has two stations - the Leaside (Bayview) and Laird stations.


How has the higher order transit development been matched by changes in land use, residential and commercial development, streetscape, and community services - both happening now and expected in the future?


Walk with two Leaside residents who are heavily invested in community development and mobility planning.

  • Walk Start Location: Parker's Dry Cleaners at NW corner of Bayview Avenue and Soudan Ave. – across from “The Stack” to the south.

  • Nearest Public Transit: Buses Eglinton to/from Yonge station 34 Eglinton East 51 Leslie 56 Leaside Bayview to/from Davisvlle station 11 Bayview.

  • Walk End Location: 939 Eglinton Avenue East at Brentcliffe. If there is interest we can adjourn to The Leaside Pub.

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