Announcement #2: March 30, 2020 


Announcement #1: March 23, 2020 


As the Toronto Jane's Walk organizers for 2020 we would like to acknowledge the contributions of past leadership, volunteers and organizers. We are grateful for the opportunity to add our own contribution to the legacy that Jane Jacobs has left behind while reflecting on the extraordinary work done thus far.

Our vision for this year's walk builds upon the principles set out by Jane's Walk by focuses on 4 pillars. We hope these pillars will inspire walk leaders, contributors and participants to move beyond the traditional and aim for disrupting our conception of walking tours. 


Walking? - Who is excluded?

What does inclusion look like when we think about walking? What are our preconceptions around the term walking and how do others interpret that term within their own lived experience and context. 


We don’t want to only offer specific tours for wheelchairs, we want to make every tour as accessible as possible for those using wheelchairs, mobility devices, guide dogs, for those with hearing and sight impairments. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that allows everyone to participate.

Suburbs and other areas? - What about us?

Our second pillar is expanding the number of tours offered in the suburbs. Currently, many tours are only offered in select parts of the city. Our approach will be to expand on past locations with a key focus on encouraging tours that take place in areas that aren't top of mind. Everyone has a story to share in every part of our city from the downtown core, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, to the city’s periphery. 

Engagement? - How do we engage with our tour participants?

Our third pillar hopes to transform how we engage with our tour participants. Building upon our first pillar around inclusivity we want to encourage different styles of participation and storytelling. From spoken word, music, sign language, acting, dance, to pictures, social media, videos, etc, everyone has a different method of communicating their story. We want to include and encourages as many people to not only participate but feel comfortable participating.

Topics and Themes - what are we missing?

Our last pillar will focus on expanding the diversity of topics for potential Jane Walks. We hope this will encourage new walk leaders and entirely new audiences. People, from all walks of life and from every age group, ability, race, gender and other self-identified characteristics are encouraged to participate and disrupt the status quo. 

Jane's Walk Toronto is committed to exploring different softwares, applications and formats to make our walks and programming as accessible as possible. If you would like to request an accessible accommodation or have an idea or suggestion to improve any of our programming and activities please email us at: