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Next Steps to Lead a Walk

  1. Complete the form below and submit it. 

  2. Hang tight as we get your Walk published on our Facebook Event Page and Website. 

  3. We will email you links to both the Facebook Event Page and Website once your Walk is uploaded.


Please note: 

Jane's Walks happen rain or shine.


Submitted walks will not appear on the Jane’s Walk Toronto site of Facebook immediately upon submission. Our walk roster will be updated on a regular basis.

If you require edits to be made to either the Facebook Event Page or our Website, please email us and we will make the change. 

What is the hook for your Jane’s Walk? A catchy title goes a long way to attract the attention of tour-takers. Be creative and have fun!

(Examples: Pickering: Pier Madness; Hustling in the Suburbs)


Most walks are 60-90 minutes long and include 3-7 stops, but many walks are much longer or shorter. Make sure you build in enough time for discussion and pace it for slow walkers, crowded sidewalks, and big groups. It is better to overestimate the length of your walk than to underestimate it. Remember - Jane's Walk is rain or shine!

What is this Jane's Walk about? What questions and issues will you be exploring? (Be brief but descriptive! Sell people on attending your walk with a nice preview!) Jump-start the conversation by getting people thinking about how they can contribute to your Walking conversation. Consider the following prompts what is some of the history of the area? Will anyone be joining your walk to share their expertise (e.g. a historian, a community advocate, etc.)? What will attendees learn on your walk? Are there any important details or instructions of note for attendees to consider (e.g. wear comfortable shoes, bring a camera, etc.)?

walk theme:

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P L A N    Y O U R    W A L K    R O U T E

Please use an address, if possible, so that we can accurately map your start location. If you are not using an address, be as specific as you can, making note of landmarks and coordinates, eg North East corner or main intersection. 

How will people find you / know you're the walk leader? (Will you wear a certain color or hat? Have a flag or sign? or standing next to a specific landmark) Be as specific about your meeting place as possible. 

Please use an address, if possible. Remember, it can be fun to finish somewhere the conversation can continue over a snack, a drink, or an ice cream. :)

what can you tell us about the accessibility of this walk:

Check the box for any accessibility considerations we should include in your walk description.

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While the nature of some neighbourhood, routes, and the act of walking itself means that not every Jane's Walk will be fully accessible, we encourage you to be conscious of accessibility and thoughtful about your route. Everyone experiences space differently, so think broadly and empathetically about your route conditions.

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We'll add this to the Facebook event. Please upload a .jpg or .png file that you have the rights to use. It'll work best at 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio). If you don't upload your own photo, we'll choose a photo from our archive to use.

W A L K    L E A D E R    I N FO

This won’t be made public, but if someone contacts us with questions about your walk, we’ll put them in touch with you via email.

Sometimes organizers or volunteers might need to reach a walk leader. This will not be made public.

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