#WalkWithUs is the official Toronto Jane's Walk Festival campaign for this year! We have included a number of different resources and promotional materials to get you started. Check back often as we will be releasing new posts and creative designs in the coming weeks. 

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Want to post about Jane’s Walk on your social media Network? Look no further for inspiration:

  • Just signed up for @JanesWalkTO annual festival, May 1-3! Join me on my walk, more info here bit.ly/LeadWalk or sign up to lead your own. #WalkWithUs  #JanesWalkTO

  • Can't wait to attend the @JanesWalkTO annual festival, May 1-3! Join me for a fun-filled weekend bit.ly/JWToronto. #WalkWithUs  #JanesWalkTO

  • Great opportunity to showcase hidden treasures of our city, sign up to lead a walk @JanesWalkTO annual festival, May 1-3 bit.ly/JWToronto. #WalkWithUs  #JanesWalkTO

  • Interested in sharing what makes #Toronto and the #GTA special, sign up to lead a walk in the@JanesWalkTO annual festival, May 1-3. If you're excited by community engagement and local knowledge, let's walk it out together! Sign up here bit.ly/LeadWalk #WalkWithUs  #JanesWalkTO

  • The @JanesWalkTO annual festival is free and volunteer-led! Inspired by #JaneJacobs and happening in over 60 countries around the world from May 1-3! Sign up to lead a walk at bit.ly/JWToronto #WalkWithUs  #JanesWalkTO

Our official hashtag is #WalkWithUs and  #JanesWalkTO

Bitly Links: Home page of the website: bit.ly/JWToronto

Bitly Links: Lead a Walk page of the website: bit.ly/LeadWalk

This page should only be used as a reference for the foreseeable future. We are not accepting walk submission or holding Walk Shops at this point in time. We are currently exploring different format options and encourage those interested in sharing their thoughts to check out the #ShareWithUs page.



S O C I A L    M E D I A

Note the PPT file is a powerpoint that allows for editing of specific time, date and tour title. 

I N D I V I D U A L     E L E M E N T S

Jane's Walk Toronto is committed to exploring different softwares, applications and formats to make our walks and programming as accessible as possible. If you would like to request an accessible accommodation or have an idea or suggestion to improve any of our programming and activities please email us at: torontosupport@janeswalk.net.