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Waterfront Wander: Exploring Waterfront Toronto's Inclusive Sensescape

By Claire and Saki

IMG_4422 - Claire Wang.jpg

May 27, 2023



Language: Mandarin

Area: Downtown

Theme: Architecture and Urban Planning, Environment and Sustainability, Transit and Accessibility, History and Community

Accessibility: Breaks encouraged, Dog-friendly walk


The public realm within a city offers a rich experience that is often neglected. And this is how these spaces improve both our physical and mental health and should be inclusive to all. This city walk focused on the five senses and the inclusiveness of open spaces in the waterfront Toronto. Participants will be encouraged to use sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste to experience the journey, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unique sensory qualities of each location.

Throughout the walk, participants also observed the diversity of people using these public spaces and considered the accessibility and inclusivity of these areas. The goal was to examine how these spaces can be made more welcoming and accessible to people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

By exploring the city through a sensory lens and considering questions of accessibility and inclusivity, participants gained a greater appreciation for the importance of designing public spaces that are accessible and inclusive to all.

  • Walk Start Location: Sugar Beach. Walk leaders will be wearing something with Jane's Walk logo

  • Walk End Location: Toronto Music Garden

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