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We tried to Revitalize the Linear Parks: Instead we got Class Warfare

By Nikolas Koschany, Friends of the Linear Parks




Friday, May 6 and

Saturday, May 7



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: Advocacy, Environment, Encampments

Accessibility: Pet-friendly, Triggering Content, Bicycles Welcome, Loud Noises, Busy Sidewalks.


Masks required.

How do you heal a divided community?


In 2020, the Linear Parks, depending on who you asked, were either "occupied" by encampments, or "inhabited" by our unhoused neighbours. While some organizations provided tents and other aid, the City's response was to issue trespass notices, evict encampment residents, and close the parks for "revitalization."

The parks have been closed now for two years, begging the question, was the intent for improvement, or displacement? Who are our parks really for?

  • Walk Start Location: North Side of George Hislop Park on Charles Street East. I will be wearing a bright blue rain jacket.

  • Nearest Public Transit: Yonge and Bloor Station - Hayden Street Exit

  • Walk End Location: We will finish at Isabella and Church - there are two cafes on either corner of the road, where you can grab a tea, coffee, icecream, etc.


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