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World Labyrinth Day - Medicine Walk



Saturday, May 7

9:00 am - 11:00 am


Language: English 

Area: Midtown Toronto

Theme: History & Culture, Health & Wellness, Indigenous Communities.

Accessibility: Stairs or other barriers, Fast Paced, Uneven Terrain, Triggering Content.


Did you learn about the Two Row Wampum in School? How about the Dish With One Spoon Wampum? Or what Wampums are in the first place? And why the words Ancestral, Traditional, Unceded are not equal under the law?


We'll learn all that & more by visiting three Toronto parks to walk:


• Dish With One Spoon Labyrinth

• Toronto's Largest Medicine Wheel which is also a Labyrinth

• Man In The Maze Labyrinth


Artwork & motifs within each Labyrinth tells a story.

Sharing & hearing stories can become medicine.

  • Walk Start Location: Wells Hill Park, North East Corner of the Park. [ Park Address : 145 Hilton Avenue at St. Clair Avenue West]. Walk Leader will be wearing green Man In The Maze Labyrinth design shirt while holding Orange "Walk With Us" Jane's Walk sign

  • Nearest Public Transit: St. Clair West TTC Station

  • Walk End Location: Marian Engel Park, 285 Melita Avenue

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