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Wychwood Park - a peaceful green space in a busy city. Some of Canada’s great artists lived here!

By Marilyn Spearin, Docent at the Tollkeeper’s Cottage museum

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Saturday, May 7



Language: English 

Area: Downtown

Theme: History & Culture

Accessibility: Slight hill, fine for a motorized wheelchair, bit of a push for a plain wheelchair. On a paved road.


Established in the early 1900s as an artists’ colony, this quiet treed enclave was home to Gustav Hahn who taught members of the Group of Seven, architect Eden Smith who designed iconic Toronto buildings, and Marshall McLuhan, whose medium was the message.


There are oak trees that were here before Toronto existed, and turtles in the pond that feeds Taddle Creek.

  • Walk Start Location: The Tollkeeper’s Cottage at Davenport and BathurstI will wear a Tollkeeper’s Cottage T shirt

  • Nearest Public Transit: Two bus lines pass the intersection - Bathurst north south, or Davenport east-west

  • Walk End Location: On Davenport Road half a block west of Bathurst

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