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Osgoode - 2 City Halls - Winter Garden - Massey Hall - Zanzibar - Ontario and Toronto Courts of Justice - University Avenue

Richard Longley

Join us for a walk through Toronto, where the construction of the Ontario Line brings a contemporary twist to the city's foundational landmarks. We'll start at Osgoode Hall, then stroll past the iconic City Halls and step into the enchanting atmosphere of the Winter Garden Theatre. We'll also visit the revitalized Massey Hall and the neon lights of Club Zanzibar.

You'll also get a chance to observe the historic facades on Yonge and Elm Streets, encounter Uno Prii's nurses' residence, old hotels leading to the Gray Coach Station, a tribute to Ted Rogers' innovative spirit, and Renzo Piano's striking Ontario Court of Justice.

This route is dotted with sculptures that guide us to the former site of the Toronto Armoury. Here, art and history converge, culminating in a viewing of Oscar Nemon's unique sculpture and the façade of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, cleverly integrated into a modern condo tower.

This walk bridges the gap between the city's past and its evolving future. It ends on University Avenue, circling back near our starting point and leaving us with a deeper appreciation for Toronto's rich and dynamic heritage.

Walk Start:

University and Queen West, Osgoode subway, NE corner.

University and Queen West, Osgoode subway, same as start.

Walk End:

Date: May 3

10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.




Advocacy and Politics
Architecture and Urban Planning
Arts and Culture
Environment and Sustainability
History and Places
Lived experiences and personal perspectives


Busy sidewalks, Family-friendly walk, Public washroom at City Hall but break before walk start recommended.

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